New Years nail designs 2022: What are the current trends and how to match your nails to your outfit? (2024)

If you are like me, you probably already started planning your New Year’s Eve outfit. I like to be prepared ahead of time, because nobody likes that adrenaline of not knowing what to wear. I get really frustrated if my outfit does not look how I imagined it to be. What makes my outfit looks complete are the nails, of course. That is why I make sure to have an appointment right before New Years. After all, we all want to welcome the new year in style right? What are the New Years nail designs 2022? How to match your outfit for the night with your nails? Today, I have some of the best suggestions for you!

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  • New Years nails designs 2022: What are the current trends?
    • Pearl shine nails
    • New Years nail designs 2022: Simple black nail art
    • Chrome metallic nails
    • Color of the year 2023 nails
    • Shiny New Year’s Eve party nails
  • Get inspired from the latest TikTok trends
  • Other New Years nail designs 2022 to choose from

New Years nails designs 2022: What are the current trends?

There is no doubt that we go all out with our Christmas nail designs. Whether with a pop of color, or with some Christmas nail art, we all love to experiment. When it comes to New Years, we focus more on the outfits, so we can shine and stand out. The current fashion trends shows that we will see a lot of feathers, rhinestones, and pearls. For the nails this time, we’ll be looking at more minimalistic designs and less bold colors. We should try to highlight and complement our outfit with the nail design. For your last nail art in 2022 the rule “the less is better” will apply! You can still look trendy and chic with the most simple nails color and design if done correctly. Let’s find out what are the shades and designs we should absolutely try!

Pearl shine nails



If you already tried the Hailey Bieber donut glazed nails, you are going to love these! Nails with a pearl finish will be the hit for New Year’s Eve. When it comes to jewelry, pearls will be a huge trend for year 2023, and they are definitely the most classy one. You will look absolutely feminine and chic. If you match your nails to them, or simple what to try this glossy finish, you won’t regret it!

New Years nail designs 2022: Simple black nail art

A lot of women will be wearing black on New Year’s Eve, simply because it is always in style. It makes you feel stylish and classy without trying much. The same goes for the nail trends this year. If you want to have a nail art that will stand out but looks simple, try adapting one of these. It is so elegant, and it will go with everything not only your party outfit. On the second picture, the queen of hearts nails trend is absolutely stunning. This is another approach to the french manicure since you only have a drawing on the top of your nails.

Chrome metallic nails

Chrome nails are coming back, and we see them more and more on our Instagram feed. If you haven’t seen the December nail trends, you should know that red chrome nails were on top of this year’s most picked. We also saw many chrome and silver nails art. This time our suggestion is to try them out in pink. If all chrome nails are a bit much for you, you can mix with another nail finish like matte.

Color of the year 2023 nails



The hot majestic pinks are an absolute vibe in the last months of 2022. As you probably already know, according to Pantone the color of the year 2023 is Viva Magenta. Why not say goodbye to 2022 while wearing the color of 2023? If you are wearing a black outfit for New Year’s Eve, this magenta color on your nails will stand out! You will look fashionable with minimal effort. It goes perfectly with silver sequins or gold. You can even do a pink on pink situation and wear this nail color with pink outfits, which is also very trendy currently.

Shiny New Year’s Eve party nails

What is a New Year’s Eve without a little shine and sparkle? Even if your outfit will not lack sparkle, you can still adapt one of these super shiny nail designs! It will be in the perfect spirit and at this time of the year they are always trending. The silver will definitely be the hit, and it will outshine the gold this and the next year.

Get inspired from the latest TikTok trends

@nailsbymillsalv NYE inspo!! ✨ #nails #nailinspo #nyenails #newyearnails #nails2022 #nailsmanchester #fyp #biab #nailtech #viral ♬ Judas – 🫂

You can always draw some inspiration for the latest TikTok trends. Check out a few of the most simple, but chic nail designs for New Year’s Eve. You can pause the video and take a screenshot and run to your nail artist.

Other New Years nail designs 2022 to choose from

Red nails are always a good idea!

Gold chrome nails design

Stunning royal blue for New Year’s Eve party

Dark green nails for a boss lady

Long nails in eggshell color and gold sparkles

Try out chic french manicure to look classy on New Year’s Eve!

Golden foil nails art

Matte sage green nail color

Embossed white nails design

Chameleon nail shade for New Year’s Eve party

Galaxy green and blue nails

Subtle baby pink nail art

New Year’s Eve simple nail design

Green and golden shiny nails

For my ladies with long nails


New Years nail designs 2022: What are the current trends and how to match your nails to your outfit? (2024)
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