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Who doesn’t love Netflix and Chill? Well, get your Netflix and Chill free with these top 10 popular Netflix’s free alternatives. These websites let you watch Netflix series for free as well as from other platforms too including Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, etc. Netflix is among the top OTT and movie streaming platforms in the world and currently, the Netflix subscription price ranges from Rs.149 to Rs.649 per month, and not everyone can afford to use it. So, if you are looking to get some free Netflix alternatives to satisfy your entertainment needs, here’s our list of the 10 best Netflix free alternative websites and apps in India and internationally.

10 Netflix Free Alternatives Websites! Watch Netflix Series for Free | DesiDime (1)

Netflix Free Alternatives: Websites to Watch Netflix Series for Free

These free movie websites & apps are similar to Netflix but are free to use. While generally many of the free alternatives to Netflix host old content, some of these websites even let you watch recent Netflix movies, web series for free.

1. HDToday TV

    HDToday is a popular website to watch Netflix web series for free. On HDToday TV you can find web series from a wide range of genres including fantasy, romantic, science fiction, biography, comedy, drama, horror & more. If you are someone who has been waiting to watch popular Netflix shows like Squid Game, Stranger Things, and Fifty Shades of Grey for free, the HDToday TV website is worth checking out.

    From top IMDB shows, to content from different countries and even more diverse genres, you can find a lot of free content to stream here.

    HDTodayTV website link:hdtodaytv.tv

    Popular Netflix Web Series Available to Watch for Free on HDToday TV:

    • Squid Game Season 1

    • Stranger Things Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4

    • Bojack Horseman S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6

    • The Witcher

    • Fifty Shades of Grey

    • Lucifer Season 1, S2, S3. S4, S5, S6

    • House of Secrets: Burari Deaths

    Please note that HDToday TV depending on the strength of your internet connection may lag or take time to load. Apart from it, HDToday TV still relatively has a few lesser intrusive and spammy ads.

    2. Cineb TV

      Cineb TV is an online movie streaming platform that started in 2020. You can find most of the major, popular Netflix web series and shows here. Netflix series like Fifty Shades of Grey, The Babysitters Club, Heartstopper, Sex Education, and Dark are all available to watch for free.

      Not just this, on Cineb, movie buffs can also find some of their favorite series from Amazon Prime Video for free. Compared to other free Netflix alternatives mentioned in this list, Cineb has much lesser forceful redirecting popups, adult/inappropriate ads, etc making it safer to browse.

      Cineb website link: cineb.net

      Popular Netflix Web Series to Watch for Free on Cineb TV:

      • The Baby-Sitters Club

      • Heartstopper

      • Sex Education

      • Dark

      • Sex Life

      • Obsession

      • Gypsy

      Please note that you can access Cineb TV using a secure VPN. However, if Cineb isn’t available in your country, it probably means the service is illegal in your country.

      3. Sflix Movies

        Sflix movies site is one of the best websites to watch Netflix series for free. You can find some of the popular movies and shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max, all for free on Sflix Movies. The free movie streaming platform hosts more than 10,000 movies and shows on its platform. As a free Netflix alternative, Sflix movies certainly deserve a spot on our list.

        However, as with any other free movies site, Sflix Movies presents you with annoying popups, false ads, browser redirects, malware, etc. Hence it is strongly recommended to use a VPN when accessing these sites.

        Sflix Movies website link:sflix.to

        Best Netflix Web Series to Watch for Free on Sflix:

        Needless to say, avoid downloading any movies unless you do not mind buying a new device and compromising your privacy.

        4. Crackle Movies

          Crackle Movies is one of the best free Netflix alternatives that offer you to watch Netflix movies and shows for free online. The website presents you with a pretty simple and clean UI and much lesser annoying ads and popups You may not find the latest Netflix movies and series on Crackle Movies. However, the site hosts some of the most popular Netflix movies for free such as The Sherlocks, Taboo, Moment of Contact & many others.

          Crackle Movies website link: crackle.com

          Best Netflix Web Series to Watch for Free on Crackle Movies:

          • The Sherlock (Amazon Prime)

          • Moment of Contact

          • Our Father

          • The Deep End of the Ocean

          • Heartland

          • In the Flesh

          While you do not need to create an account or sign up on the website to watch your favorite Netflix movies for free, you get additional benefits if you choose to sign up such as parental control, saving your watch progress, and creating your watchlist.

          5. YesMovies

            YesMovies is yet another popular Netflix alternative to consider. You can watch full episodes of your favorite Netflix (or even Prime Video) series in HD for free here. YesMovie is a relatively old movie and shows a streaming platform that has been around since 2009. The website hosts a large selection of movies, shows, television, and other content from Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Apple TV+, and other OTT streaming services free (on the surface).

            YesMovies website link:yesmoviesfree.live

            Best Netflix Web Series & Moviesto Watch for Free on YesMovies:

            • A Tourist’s Guide to Love

            • The Pope’s Exorcist

            • Kill Bok-soon

            • Wednesday

            • Better Call Saul 2015

            The bad part about using YesMovies is the annoying ad popups and forceful redirects to other websites. It is strictly recommended to use a VPN when surfing a free OTT streaming site like YesMovies.

            An important point to note is that YesMovies may not be completely legal in your country or area.

            6. The Tubi TV

              Tubi TV is another popular OTT movie streaming website that very well deserves to be on our list of the best Netflix free alternative apps and websites. Tubi TV was released in 2014, based in Los Angeles, and today, Tubi Tv is available in India as a legal and free alternative to paid OTT services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Apple TV+, etc. What makes Tubi TV the best Netflix alternative is that the platform is not just free but a legally free OTT streaming service.

              Tubi TV website link:tubitv.com

              Best Web Series and Movies to Watch for Free on Tubi TV:

              • Those Who Wish Me Dead

              • Red Sparrow

              • Quantico

              • Detachment

              • Coherence

              • Secrets and Lies

              7. Watch Plex

                Plex Movies is a legal, free alternative to Netflix's paid subscription. You can find various entertaining movies and series from different genres, and watch live TV, all with a pretty clean user interface and experience. Watch Plex has more than 50,000 movies and series available for free. It can certainly be a great free alternative to Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and other streaming services.

                Plex website link:plex.tv

                Best Movies to Watch for Free on Plex TV Movies:

                • The Librarians TV Series

                • Arrival 2016 (Apple TV+)

                • After Yang 2021

                • Train to Busan

                • Oculus

                • You’re Next

                • Triangle

                Moreover, Watch Plex has a free as well as paid subscription. So you can choose the one that suits the best to you.

                8. Vudu Movies

                  Vudu is a free online streaming platform wherein you can watch Netflix series and other movies and shows for free (with ads). While you may not find the latest series and movies on Vudu, the site hosts a range of free movies, shows, and series. You may not be able to find a lot of the latest or the most popular Netflix series for free here, but you are sure to discover some gems of movies and shows that you can watch for free.

                  Vudu website link:vudu.com

                  Best Web Series to Watch for Free on Vudu TV:

                  • Big Stan

                  • Terrifier (Amazon Prime)

                  • Bliss Gluck 2021

                  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

                  • Son of Bigfoot

                  • Zola 2021

                  Being a legal website, Vudu TV is also safe to browse. Given this, it is important to note that to watch content for free on Vudu, one needs to sign up for a free account.

                  Though it is up to you whether you find it worth it or not.

                  9. Amazon Freevee

                    We all know Amazon has its own premium OTT service called Amazon Prime. But did you know that Amazon also offers free movies and shows in its free video streaming service called Amazon Freevee? The Amazon Freeve is available for both Prime as well as Non-Prime members. You can either download the standalone Amazon Freevee app or log in through the web. However, the big setback of Amazon Freevee is that it is only available in the US.

                    Amazon Freevee link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/splash/freevee_findus

                    Best Web Series to Watch for Free on Amazon Freevee:

                    • The Terminal List

                    • John Wick

                    • Just Go with It

                    • Beauty & Billionaire

                    • Friends with Benefits

                    • American Psycho

                    Amazon Freevee isn’t available in India due to copyright infringements. But if you are in India and want to access the service, you can use powerful IP-blocking and spoofing VPNs like ExpressVPN or SurfShark

                    10. PopcornFlix

                      Popcornflix is one of the few free 100% legal movie websites to watch Netflix series for free. On Popcornflix, you can watch popular TV series like Farscape and Taboo (2014) to old but top-rated movies like The Iceman, Highlander & others. The user interface and viewing quality on Popcorn Flix is decent enough and the ads are fewer too. Given the many pros PopcornFlix has, it very well deserves a spot on our best free Netflix alternatives in India and around the world.

                      PopcornFlix link:popcornflix.com

                      Best-rated Web Series & Movies to Watch for PopcornFlix:

                      • The Collector

                      • The Iceman

                      • The World’s Fastest Indian

                      • Blitz

                      • Highlander

                      • Bomb City

                      • House of Secrets 2014

                      PopcornFlix is currently available in USA and Canada. You may consider using a trusted VPN like Surfshark if you wish to browse PopcornFlix from any other country.

                      More similar free alternatives to Netflix to check out:

                      Hulu TV

                      Pluto TV


                      Mubi TV

                      Kissh (Korean dramas)


                      Viki Movies (Korean movies)

                      Need more suggestions? Check our article on:

                      List of Free OTT Platforms in India: Binge-watch movies and web series!

                      Are these Websites Legal?

                      It is hard to define the legality of these websites as a website that is illegal in a certain developed country may not be illegal in some other country depending on the laws and regulations present.

                      Generally, if a particular website is banned in your country, it probably means that the website is illegal/unapproved to browse.

                      There are some important instructions that you must keep in mind when browsing any free streaming website:

                      1. Use a VPN (Nord VPN, Atlas)

                      2. Avoid signing in or creating accounts (it's unnecessary)

                      3. Don’t download any files (aka invite viruses in your device)

                      4. Be cautious of clicking on intrusive pop-ads, and floating ads. If you click on a link, and an ad opens up in a new tab, close the tab immediately

                      5. Make sure you have an antivirus installed on your computer or laptop

                      6. Avoid accessing these websites through a mobile device


                      As discussed above, the legality of these websites depends a lot on your usage (did you download the content? Shared it?), your country, and its rules and regulations. However, as a general rule of thumb, it is best to avoid downloading any movies for free online.

                      The Bombay High Court has ruled that it is not illegal to watch online content (for free).

                      However, downloading it, sharing it, etc can come under the illegality usage in most countries.

                      So, this was all about sharing a list of websites to watch Netflix Series for free. As mentioned throughout the article, consider using a trusted VPN to access these websites safely. Also, avoid downloading any files.

                      We hope this list helps you get your Netflix and Chill more easily. You will generally find a mix of movies and shows from different OTT services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, etc on the websites we have shared above.

                      On a side note, feel free to suggest a good Netflix series that you think is worth watching!

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